Prison Medical Neglect and Medical Malpractice

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Jail and Prison Inmates Have a Right to Receive Standard Medical Care and Treatment

Inmates are susceptible to the same diseases and illnesses as everyone else, and in many cases prisoners have a higher rate of having or developing certain medical and psychiatric problems as found in the “outside” world.  For example, prison rape is a leading cause of the spread of HIV among the incarcerated, and suicide is the leading cause of death in our prisons and jails.

Prisons, jails and detention centers are required to provide proper medical care for inmates.  In fact, they receive federal and/or state funding to provide medical services for inmates. This includes properly diagnosing medical problems and treating them. When jails and prisons fail to provide reasonable medical care — or withhold medical care, they can be held liable.

Our lawyers can subpoena medical records from prisons and jails. This information may show if medical concerns or complications were ignored and if the right treatment was provided. We also use the testimony of medical experts to help demonstrate that standard medical care was not implemented and caused serious injury or death.

In cases involving medical inmate neglect and correction facility medical malpractice we fight hard to get you the maximum compensation to cover medical bills, as well as any damages for emotional distress or pain and suffering you may be entitled to.

Our law firm is committed to fighting all medical injustice at prisons and other correctional facilities. We handle a wide range of prison medical neglect cases, involving:

  • Failure to diagnose cancer
  • Delayed diagnosis of medical complications
  • Failure to provide timely medical treatment
  • Failure to identify warning signs of heart failure, diabetes and other illnesses
  • Failure to protect an inmate at risk of suicide

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Representing the Rights of Inmates Throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey

If you lost a loved as a result of prison medical neglect, we will fight to help you obtain justice. The attorneys at our civil rights law firm handle inmate neglect,inmate suicide, and inmate wrongful death cases throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

For more than 25 years, the law firm of Hill & Associates, P.C. has fought to preserve clients’ civil rights. We are committed to holding prisons and jails accountable for prison medical neglect. Whether you were provided with poor medical care or no medical treatment, we will help you obtain justice.

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Our law firm litigates cases on behalf of inmates involving medical malpractice and medical neglect in jails and prisons throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


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